Baby's Tummy Time

iOS game for babies to help your baby reach important developmental milestones - FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME


High Contrast

Babies see better high contrast shapes and specially black and white ones.


Neck Exercises

Caterpillar travels from the bottom to the top of the screen, making baby track it by moving and strengthening neck muscles.


Baby Focus Training

Set positional sound on and touch to make leaves - see baby excited & focusing on different things!

Baby Game Idea with Caterpillar

Place baby on her tummy with game playing in front. Baby will excercise neck muscles by looking at the caterpillar. Stop if baby gets fussy or cannot hold head upright.

Another Baby Game Idea with Caterpillar

Sit down and hold baby in your lap. Start the game and tap to make caterpillar change direction and watch how baby tracks it. If she tries to do it herself, she is a pro!

The Best Game Idea

Make your own game, play and observe the baby - have fun! :)

Helping your Baby reach important Developmental Milestones

Per CDC defined milestones for babies around 2 - 4 months old

  • Follow things with eyes
  • Can hold head up
  • Turn head toward sounds

How to download the app?

Baby's Tummy Time Caterpillar is available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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